Monday, 1 January 2018

A Month of Mindfulness

My sister bought me a Month of Mindfulness for Christmas. I have been pretty stressed about university work lately and concerned about the year ahead, so this was a welcome and thoughtful present. 

This seems to involve a jar with daily mindfulness tasks inside.

You take one out each day and do it.  Hopefully it will help reduce my stress levels and enable me to be more mindful (whatever that is exactly).

I am starting today , 1st Jan 2018.


Task one involved buying a nice candle. 
This really was the first hurdle. 
It is New Years day and all the shops are shut, so I have decided to use an old candle I have sitting around. Unfortunately it needed cut back a bit, which I did, but then I accidently dropped all the bits of wax all over my study floor. I have had to sweep up the mess before I can be mindful.

Ok… lighting the candle now.. preparing to stare at it for the next 10 mins (timer set on the computer)

Pictures of the flame taken before and after mindful session (figured it wasn't very mindful to take them during it!)

I fell asleep! 
The candle flame was so very tiny to begin with, then it grew bigger and bigger over the ten minutes. The shapes and colours the flame made were interesting, but I clearly need to get more rest because in the last few minutes I felt my eyes get heavier and heavier and then I drifted off. I am away for a nice ‘mindful’ nap now.