Sunday, 13 July 2008

Holiday Findings

We are all away on holiday tomorrow, back in a couple of weeks.
I thought it might be interesting to get you all to leave your computers and enjoy some fresh air along with us.
So the kids and I came up with an idea, take part if you want to.
We would like anyone reading this (and we will do it too) to look for some sort of special natural object over the next two weeks.
It could be anything at all, a stone, a shell, a flower, a jewelled bug, anything. But it should grab you, speak to you somehow, evoke some sort of reaction.
When we come back we thought it might be nice to share our objects, either here or on our own blogs. Explain why we like them, where we found them and what drew us to them, give everyone a feel for the moment in time when we spotted that special thing.
Take a picture if you want to, draw, write a poem, express yourself in whatever way you want, but bring some of that good summer feeling online and share it.
Love and hugs to you all. Wren and family


malakyte said...

*Chuckles* It almost sounds like an assignment given as an acolyte of Parlamay.. *grins*

Sounds like a wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

That's a neat idea! I'm in! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm in too... but it's raining! I want to see something exciting in the sun!!!

pictures of Hobbit's birds said...

Well, I will get us started then... but it might not be my only posting! ;-)

Today I was in bed with a cup of coffee looking out of the window. My brother had given me binoculars and so I was enjoying looking at all the birds (the winged type!) across in the woods. To my amazement, I spotted 2 birds I had not only not seen before (knowingly) but one I had actually never heard of before! I can't put a picture in a comment so if you click on my name it will take you to a picture on my blog.

I looked through a guide book on birds. The first I thought was a dunnock... but then I read it's behaviour and this was not like that. Dunnocks are a bit like Wrens I think, and this one was behaving very oddly. It climbed up the bark of a tree, following cracks in the bark and pecking away like a mini-woodpecker. I think the bird I saw is known as a Treecreeper. The second fooled me at first. I thought it was a Blue-Tit. But when I looked through my binoculars, I saw it had a head a bit like a badger and it was in fact a tiny Coal Tit.

How this speaks to me? Well... it tells me that on my doorstep is a richer natural world than I could ever imagine and I just need to stop sometimes and look more closely. I think is true of people too - if you stop and look a bit closer, you'll see more than meets the eye.

A. Starostin said...

I always seem to have the habit of picking up pinecones, especially if its a nice day that I want to remember... I have one from a day when I took my two year old son to visit the ducks in the park. He was being especially cute, flapping his arms and quacking. I reached down and found a not too sticky pinecone. It is on my desk now in front of my computer next to my crystals.

Anonymous said...

Hobbit Ripley coughs politely to remind Malakyte and Mykyl and anyone else reading this that Wren will be back from holiday soon!