Thursday, 8 January 2009


I was driving back from a meeting last night. It was really foggy and I could barely see the road ahead, and judging where the next corner was and which direction it was going to turn was pretty difficult.
I found myself driving pretty close to the white centre line and using it as a guide, keeping my eyes on it and trying to judge which way it was turning next.

Sometimes life can feel a little like this, what we thought was a clear view ahead suddenly becomes clouded and unsure. Our goals or visions for the future might alter and suddenly we're not quite sure where we are going.
I am a person that always likes to have a clear vision of where she is going, even if its just a week or a couple of months ahead. Planning and thinking for the future helps me to move along. Things don't always turn out as expected and I am not always ready even if I have been thinking about it, but having the goal or idea helps me.

Unfortunately life is more chaotic than that, and especially Second Life. Things can change in an instant, whole worlds come and go, not just ideas.
If fact the worlds ARE ideas.

I think this last year and a bit has helped me to relax a little, not to plan too much, go with the flow a bit more. I still need the white line, some simple plan or small goal, but I am more able to turn when it does even if its not the direction I expected.
Perhaps I am a little more tolerant of the fog.


Alphonsus said...

I find that my life is really one, big fog. Almost none of what I planned in life has come even close to fruition. Expectations of the future are rarely met, yet the planning process is essential.

Learn to embrace the fog. It is really quite fascinating and beautiful once realizes that a new and unexpected joy can be just meters away, if one keeps one's eyes open for it.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely way of looking at it Alphonsus :-)