Thursday, 3 September 2009

One question

Here I am, 7 months plus since my last posting...wondering what to write.
Its probably obvious to any readers who knew me in SL that I have been absent for a long time.
There came a point when I realised that the demands of being in a virtual roleplay environment out weighed the benefits. For me anyway.
I don't want to be someone who knocks Second Life, I love the place, and if I had more time and money , or less work and responsibilities I would play there often. I met some wonderful people and experienced some incredible things.
Second Life changed me, helped me and opened possibilities I could never have guessed at.
But LIFE takes priority and always will. I still pop by now and again but I am careful to keep things in perspective.
Only one question remains...

What can I blog about now!!!

1 comment:

Hobbit said...

you can blog about birdies and nature and forest walks and musings about human nature and stars and seas and things to eat and drink and nice quaint places to visit and global warming and hobbits :-)