Friday, 30 November 2007

Its funny how things works out (or not)

Its ironic. I started this blog, primarily to chat about my experiences in Second Life. And now I cant get in!!
Due to a clerical error on the part of my telephone provider, British Telecom, my home phone was cut off. (they thought I was moving house, which I am not) After a week of huge stress, I finally have my phone back, but now my internet provider has cut my broadband. Due to the line being re- connected they cancelled my contract and I cant get broadband back for 7 to 10 days. So its back to slow-slow dial up, and this means that Second life is out of bounds.
I usually inhabit the Realm of Everwind, a fantasy roleplaying sim, and was really looking forward to the grand ball at the castle, which was held last night.
But sadly 'wren'derella couldnt attend, thanks to the big bad fairy that is BT. (*sigh*I bought a new dress and everything!!)

One thing that this whole episode has made clear to me, is how much I depend on the internet in my life.
It was quite shocking.
I bank online, I do much of my work admin/emails etc online, I book train tickets, use maps to find the schools I visit, look up facts and figures, order things, buy presents on ebay, etc.. etc.. and when thats all done I spend much of my spare time playing my part in Everwind.
Its strange to think that this hunk of metal, wires and electricity, plays such a big part in my life.
But I suppose its more than just that, its a portal to all the people, places and services that I need...the wires simply connect us.

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