Friday, 28 March 2008

A public announcement

Apologies to everyone for my absence in SL recently but RL is very busy. I have been finishing my annual report for work and both my children have had their birthdays this week.
They are 8 years old (today) and 10 years old (Tues just passed), and time with them has flown. In about the same number of years they might well leave the nest and find their own place in the world.

So on that note I wish to make an announcement!

*shouts out loud*........... I LOVE MY CHILDREN!
No apologies for being sentimental, no moaning about parents being soppy over their kids, just the honest truth.

I try and tell my children everyday how much I love them.
There are too many children in the world who never hear these words.

So if you are a parent, or a carer, a daughter or a son,or just have someone you love who you haven't told for a while.
Go tell them you love them, don't be shy, don't feel its silly, just do it, its simple, easy, and can brighten up someones life.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Wren.

Hobbit Ripley said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Wrenettes!

Princess Ivory said...

Don't be so quick to assume they will leave the wren's nest is just as many years again. Mine is 20, and still happily ensconsed in the family home! Although she is begining to make rumblings about moving out, which are hastily silenced when she realizes the cost of things! Suddenly living at home doesn't seem so bad. She pays a nonimal rent, her own car expenses and repairs (knowing that mom will help her out with a big one), her own clothing and entertainment, a discounted rate on car insurance,and 1/2 of her health insurance. When she added up what those things would cost her in the real world, and then added in rent, utilitlites, groceries, etc., suddenly staying home for a while longer seems like a good idea to her! And though she can be overwhelming, I treasure every minute that she is with us. I will miss her badly when she moves along to the next phase of her life. She's been with me since I was only 21 years old; I can't imagine a home without her in it. :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to announce to all those who read this blog that I REALLY REALLY love that Little Wren who also happens to be MY daughter!
Old Crone xxx

Wren said...

Thanks Mum!
I love you too *hugs*

Hobbit Ripley said...

Stop it, we're all crying now...


Oh, okay then. Group hug instead.