Sunday, 2 March 2008

Many Worlds?

Last night I watched a fascinating documentary called "Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives". It followed the singer songwriter Mark Everett as he tried to understand his father Hugh Everett's scientific theory, and ultimately to try and understand his father better also.

Hugh Everett came up with an interpretation of quantum physics which essentially meant that every time we make a decision or choice we split, and somewhere there exists a universe in which we made the opposite choice to the one we are living now.
I am no scientist and the finer details of this theory leave me baffled, so i wont delve deeper into the science. But it certainly caught the imaginations of many writers, filmmakers and artists. The Parallel universe idea seems to appeal, I suspect because we all wonder, when we look back, what if I had done this? how different would my life be now?

It occurred to me last night that if we apply the theory to Second Life, then there are millions of other second lives also out there,where we have all made different choices.
I wonder what they are like?

On a totally different note, I read a really interesting study of Second Life religion recently,
its not finished, but it makes stimulating reading.

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Benjamin Undercroft said...

Those poll results were interesting, weren't they?

On your "decisions" topic, I have a personal theory that to be able to predict the future, you just need to have knowledge of how things work. If your brain were big enough and you had all the facts at your disposal, you could work out how someone will react in a certain situation owing to your knowledge of what was going on in their lives at that time and what motivated them etc. Therefore, predicting the future is not so much a "spiritual" activity as a "mathematical" one. I say this as someone who believes in God and the Spiritual, but I think God is the greatest mathematician and can tell how we will act/react when faced with our decisions. All these things fascinate me :-)