Saturday, 2 August 2008

Email disasters.

Have you even sent one of those emails that you really wished you hadn't?

Until yesterday I never had.

Unfortunately a slip of the 'send' button is all that you need to turn a joke into a nightmare.

Its all too easy to be flippant and silly and then regret it.
Sadly it was my work email address too.
I think I may have made things worse by trying to make them better.


Anonymous said...

Oh the curse of the 'send' button! In my experience if you try and make it better you just dig a hole deeper and deeper for yourself. It is just a case of riding out the cringe factor over time. If its of any consolation, I think it is less important to the unintended recipient than you think ( unless you have deeply and personally insulted them!). All they may get is a flash of irritation or amusement before they go on to read the other 56 emails waiting for them and then just mentally consign yours to the Viagra/ penis extension bin along with all the other spam. All you have to do is brazen it out with a light chuckle when you see them - they've probably forgotten anyway. I have loads of ridiculous emails from people at work and others that I just delete automatically. Although you may remember I started a punning exercise a few weeks back that about 60 people responded to, each one trying to out-pun the other, recently. This got very very embarrassing and clogged up the whole email system at work ....never again... we learn by experience......

By the way, I am much cheered and reassured by the little story you told me last week, and so is young cronette.

Lots of love OC

Anonymous said...


I can totally identify with that Wren. In fact, sometimes I take the name out of the send box first just in case, so I can review the mail and check I'm not being stupid.

Hopefully you can make amends, whatever it was, and apologise if you must. Depending on the situation, the recipient might take it well.

Hopefully your integrity and character to date will let them know you didn't mean anything bad by it.

PS it got so bad with me once that I actually have a notice stuck up beside my computer rmeinding me NOT to send emails to my family in certain situations!

malakyte said...

Ahhh yes.. *nods sadly*

Unfortunately it happens.

Anonymous said...

Has the situation improved any?

Wren said...

Thank you all for you comments and stories.
It seems to have blown over and nobody at work has fired me.
I even had a couple of emails of support from friends.