Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Fun in the Shire

Well I finally have some Second Life news

After spending a month or so getting a feel for Carmarthenshire, beginning to work in the Apothecary, setting up my cottage in the town, meeting people, drinking mead, doing the grail quest and generally settling in, the realm suddenly went quiet.
It seems everyone is on holiday or busy, all roleplay quests seem suspended until they come back and the place has been a little ghost town like.(see picture)

However last night, when out collecting herbs, I was set upon by a very hungry Orc, bashed over the head, tied up and taken to the Orc camp to be munched on for tea!!

(suddenly things were not so quiet after all!)

Thankfully the brave Knight, Sir Kendell heard my screams and yells and came to the rescue.
At first the Knight and the Orc did battle, but it soon became clear, as I was tied up at his feet , that many of the blows directed at the Orc were hitting me.
The Knight then set about convincing the Orc that he would bring him a better meal than me and he set off to kill a deer to bring to the camp.The Orc then placed me in a cage for safe keeping.
While Kendell was gone the Orc weighed up whether he should kill me anyway, put my head on a pike and wave it above the walls and pretend I was still alive.
I was torn between laughter at the Orc putting on a girly voice and prancing around being a 'lady' and terror at the thought that he might actually do what he suggested.

Thankfully I managed to stay alive long enough that Kendell could return having fetched the deer.
The Orc then ordered me to skin it(blrgg) for the him , which I did (not very well) and then while he chewed Kendell and I legged it.
The handsome Knight then gave me a ride home on the back of his horse.

What a great evening!
thanks to the Knight and the Orc


Anonymous said...

*Hobbit jumps up and down excitedly, waving his hands.

"And don't forget your friends Arthur the ranger, who came to warn the knight that an orc was on the loose and also a VERY brave little Hobbit who kept watch by your fire while you slept upstairs. Um... your larder was bare before I got there, honest."

Wren said...

*Wren tries not to smile too much at the Hobbits eagerness.

"Of course I must not forget your selfless bravery in sleeping by my fire and protecting me from harm. The mysterious missing food is of no consequence.
And our dear friend Arthur also.