Monday, 6 October 2008

SL Update

Finding Carmarthenshire a little frustrating at the moment.

They closed the realm a few weeks ago, with the promise that it was being redone and would be up and running again soon.

However all work seems to have stopped, nothing new seems to have appeared or disappeared in the last week or more and it all looks mess. Half finished buildings, old items left around, things floating in the air etc...
I wouldn't mind too much if I knew what was happening, but there have been no new announcements from the people in charge and I am unsure if it is progressing or not.
Meanwhile I pay my rent simply to have a home place to land in and wonder how long it will remain.

I wish I was rich enough to have my own place, I would love to do some more building and creating. Or that Carmarthen would let Hobbit and I loose on the realm to finish things... *grins
I have even started looking for a plot of land to rent somewhere else, or perhaps a quiet sandbox.... feeling the creative frustration building.

Malakyte has asked me to make her some more animations for the Clerics in Triskele, (I was glad they liked my first one, although I was not totally happy with it. Funny shoulder things happening!) so that is something to get on with I guess.
I just wish I had a roleplay place of my own. (will start looking again soon I think)

The only joy has been some pretend Avatars in the pub, a swarthy lot, who I have had lots of fun chatting to. They are remotely controlled (speech wise) by Draco and I nearly got in a fight with the barmaid the other night, shame she cant move *chuckles.
I must resist the temptation to place a party hat on one of their heads!


Anonymous said...

Hi Wren. I agree with you about the frustrations. I think, like so many things in life, it's not the situation that is frustrating, it's the not know what the situation is that is really hard. Even a little announcement just to say "here's how we're getting on" would do wonders. I guess the mind starts to meander when there is total silence and suspicions that nothing is going to happen start to grow. Maybe there are RL things getting in the way, but hard to tell and sadly there are many good people who could be helping do things, but just sit around getting into fights with barmaids and putting hats onto pirates, er, I mean merchants.

Katlin said...

Hi Wren, just so you know even us Admins are in the dark about what is happening. As far as the whispers that are coming down, Anty is very sick...and without her we don't have the means to continue with the schedule set. If we do get news, we will put word out...but as I said, we are in the dark and just as frustrated. *sighs*

malakyte said...

If you find a good rp place, please ... let me know.