Sunday, 2 November 2008


Well I have a new virtual home.
I have moved into the realm of Aldarian.

I looked at many different realms, but never really felt at home in any of them. Then I was pointed in the direction of this new single sim realm.
As soon as I arrived I liked it. It is well made by someone with an eye for beauty and a nack for atmosphere.
It is only one sim, but it has all the elements for a good roleplay place. Homes for elves, fae, human and dark (although not really for dragon's, unless there is something in the sky I have yet to see, not enough space for dragons I guess)
Castle, village, gypsy camp, church, stone circle, ships, pub, blacksmith, guild buildings etc. They have packed lots in, yet it still feels natural.
The only thing missing is some secret places (like the great ones in Carmarthen) for rogues and the like. Perhaps I just havn't found them yet!

Then I heard that the admin/creative team was EU and UK based ,what more could I want.
I approached them and expressed an interest in joining as a healer and they kindly let me set up in a small roundhouse near the church. I now have two others who have said they would like to be healers also and am planning a get together, and possibly holding some basic RP classes for newbies as well.

Last night spent my first ever full ball in a RP realm (usually I have to go to bed halfway through). Finally something scheduled at a good time of day!!
I am in heaven.

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malakyte said...

I am very glad you have found a home in SL. It is a very charming place and now i look forward to visiting sometimes too.