Saturday, 16 February 2008


Sometimes I feel so alone in Triskele.
The nature of my timezone means that although I am helping to create RP opportunities in the realm, I have no idea of the master plans. Those who do RP there are more often than not coming online at about 3am my time, just when I really need to be in bed!
If it weren't for Malakyte (Goddess bless you) and the Acolytes in the order, I would have given the whole thing up by now.

For example. We recently received an order from the Queen and Alphonsus, to search for 5 scrolls hidden in the realm. Although its likely that my character Wren would not do this (leave it to the Dawn clerics), the order seemed pretty insistent, so dutifully I went off to find them. In due course I found them all, and they tell an interesting story of the history of the King and Queen.
However it took quite sometime to find them, I met only one other who was searching, and now I have them I have no idea what they are for, why I had to search or what the point of the whole thing was.
Especially as everyone in the realm has just now been handed the story in the general welcome pack.
We have received no notice if the search is finished or ongoing, so I have to advise the acolytes to do it, even if its pointless.
Its probable that the whole thing is being discussed by roleplayers in the twilight hours when I am in bed, but when I am online the place is empty and I am clueless.

The new Guild has arrived, a huge church like building, and it needs filled. But I have no idea of Alphonsus's plans for it. Malakyte and I have been adding things, being creative, filling empty spaces. But its very piecemeal, and some things are simply to fill space until the true furniture arrives. But what the plans are, I have no idea?
Our spell list has yet to be approved so we are powerless, and my acolytes want to know what's going on, but I cant tell them.
And to top it all off Everwind is back up it seems , so Triskele is likely to lose many of its roleplayers back there.

I know that things have been hard for Alphonsus recently with personal illness and other saddening second life things, so I understand his not being around. He has a huge job as leader, and when there are so few of us its even bigger, but I miss his guiding hand and his knowledge of the management to the realm.
I am trying hard to make it work, I love to be creative and enjoy managing things, but I don't want to do it alone anymore.

Some nights I am but a few steps away from packing up and leaving.

(I want to add that Malakyte has been great thoughout this, although she has a million things she is doing, she has taken the time to chat, discuss idea's and help create things for the guild. Thank you Mal!)

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