Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I really have to write something....

I have been in Geek for too long methinks!
Even if only to get rid of the last post, its time I wrote something, just haven't been too inspired by anything recently.
A quick Triskele catch up then.
Alphonsus has been off sick (hope you feel better soon) and I have missed him. While he's been away I have been doing all sorts of things, but have been unable to clear them with him, so I hope he approves when he gets back.
I have rented a cottage in Triskele village and set up a temporary Cleric Guild in it. I checked with Wisold (the king) and he said this would be ok, he even waived the prim limit a bit for me, which is good because it is only 80 prims and I have added over 160! I really hope I am not pushing it too much, but I am sure they will tell me if I am.(no more to add now anyhow its all done)
I made some candles and cloaks for the others in Paramay order and I reworded the cleric spell list to make it less mage like (have passed on copies to Alph and Mal for comments).
I have also been having fun creating a few cleric animation's, and am considering having a vendor in the market, but have never sold anything before so I am not too sure about it.
I also have been making a temple, based on some of the things I saw while on holiday in Orkney last year (and I don't mean the inside of Aberdeen children's hospital, which I saw a lot of on that holiday too, long story). I don't know if I will ever have a place for it, but its very enjoyable being creative.
So even though RP is minimal, creativity has been high.
In RL, work is starting to get busy now, so SL will have to take a back seat soon I think.
That's about it, glad to lose the last post (but one day I will post the wonder woman costume picture)


malakyte said...

Wow it sounds like you have been very creative. It would be very useful to have such skills if only to create clothing and animation for ones order.

You have done a wonderful job on the temporary clerics guild. I cant wait to see the temple you were talking about.

I will be getting back to you about comments on the spells.

Benjamin Undercroft said...

Sorry to be so quiet... have been snowed under with life - good, bad, stressful and fun all at once. Just back from France (visiting a relative having chemo). Will continue to be like this for a while I'm afraid, but hope to get back on soon and see what has progressed. :-)

Your hard work is always appreciated Wren!