Sunday, 17 February 2008

Isn't it funny... moan about the lack of buses and then three come along at once.

After my gloomy post earlier, it seems fate is determined to show me up.

Arriving in the realm tonight I decided to go explore the new islands. Passing the gyspy camp on the way, I stopped to warm myself at the fire and ended up, three giant mugs of mead later, chatting away. I have missed that kind of RP, I have spent so much time sitting in the guild doing admin.
Unfortunately I crashed and had to re-log, but arrived at the guild to meet two new people, one of whom joined as a Twilight sister, and the other who took away information on the guild to enable her to make up her mind.

Then, glory be, I made contact with Alphonsus, and cleared up about three things in the space of a couple of minutes ,I could have kissed him if I knew how!

Suddenly the realm doesn't seem so gloomy

*whistles a wee tune as she heads off to bed*


Benjamin Undercroft said...

I've just read both your posts at the same time, so am not sure whether to give you a cheer-up hug or do a little celebration jig. I know, an elf looks odd with the jig, but Hobbit tells me it suits me. Hugs anyway. :-)

Anonymous said...

It was nice to finally meet you last night - I hope that we can do so again sometime when things are not quite so hectic.
You are not alone with the time zone issues either - I live in the US, my boy friend lives in Italy, and another best friend lives in Australia - it does make life difficult sometimes. :)

malakyte said...

Wren just so you know you can page me any time to discuss the clerics guild or anything else.

Princess Ivory said...

/me says she'd best not catch you kissing Alphonsus! :)

Princess Ivory