Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Brief note from holiday

Greetings all from my fancy hotel!
They have Internet connection in the lobby, so I couldn't resist a wee note to you all.
The hotel is all business suits and briefcases so unfortunately we don't fit in as we are all walking boots and woolly jumpers, but the breakfast is good and they have a small pool so the kids are happy.
We seem to have crammed in a million things in the last few days and my feet ache, but we have all had fun.
Back home tomorrow and back to work on Friday... boo.
See you all soon.


Princess Ivory said...

Glad to hear you are all having fun on the trip. We too crammed far too many activities into a short period of time, but oh, the memories we will have, once we settle back into our home routine again!

Princess Ivory

Anonymous said...

It's everybody else who is not fitting in... it sounds like you are getting a lot more out of it than they are. :)

Hobbit Ripley said...

Happy holidays! We're going on Saturday for a week too... but will definitely not have access in the forest!

malakyte said...

It's nice to get away. I think i forgot you told me you were going on a trip.

Hehehehe i never really fit in but don't worry about it either. When you get back you will find some changes.

Hope to hear from you soon.