Saturday, 26 April 2008


So, I have made some important choices, which hopefully sort things out a little.
I wont be leaving SL altogether, simply cutting down my time there.
I have sent a note out to the order asking if anyone would be interested in becoming Speaker , or if anyone wishes to suggest another person they think suitable. Already I have received a couple of suggestions.
I will stay and get the new person or persons set up, and will remain as a cleric of Triskele and Parlamay, but be able to cut down the time inworld.
I have had a request to hold a cleric meeting, as I think that those in the guild want to know whats happening. But as I have been away I am not sure myself what the status is with our Divine Emissary and the guild. I will try and get inworld a bit this weekend and find out.
I have a small island in Triskele which I have been landscaping, and I think Wren will most likely become a kind of 'cleric of the isle', helping those who visit and quietly growing herbs and sitting by the fire *smiles*


Princess Ivory said...


I am glad that you came to a decision of balance between your RL and your SL, rather than leaving SL altogether. Being Speaker is a huge commitment, and obviously was beginning to consume too much of you. I love the idea of the "Cleric of the Isle" growing her herbs, and quietly tending to the souls who come to her. It suits you. :)

Re: the Divine Emissary, like you, he is stretched a bit thin, and very busy in RL as well. But he is still very much alive. I will give him a strong nudge toward Triskele this weekend. His garden of clerics needs tending!

Princess Ivory

malakyte said...

Your island is really neat! I saw it this last weekend as i was flying over. *grins*

I am glad to hear that you will be staying and especially remaining a cleric. I understand your choice.

Let me know what our departed Divine Emissary said when you get a chance.

I hope to assist with the class if possible so that i can get a good idea of what is needed. Talk to you later i hope.