Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Thinking of loved ones

Two people who are very dear to me are seriously ill right now.

One is a young man, father of two, who was due for an operation next week, but due to the serious nature of his illness will now be going for his operation on Friday.

The other is a very old man, who's frail body is slowly giving in, despite his mind being as alert as ever.

I cannot help either of them, other than offer love and support.
This is life.
Full of sorrow and happiness, health and sickness in equal measure, harsh and cruel as well as beautiful.
The past weeks have brought this home hard. I recognise this, but its still difficult to deal with sometimes, our individual insignificance in the nature of the world as a million sorrows are played out under the sky.

Tonight is Beltane, my favorite festival of the year, a time to light the fires for the coming summer, a time of love and fertility, the promise of things to come.
But what awaits us I wonder, as we stride or stumble forward, perhaps the Gods and Mother Nature know.
The path ahead doesn't seem as bright this year.


malakyte said...

Sorry to hear of your sorrows. Its never easy to loose someone or to say goodbye. *Leaves Hugs*

Wren said...

Thank you Malakyte.
*accepts hugs gratefully*

Hobbit Ripley said...

Hobbit remembers the olden days when you would put brackets around someone's name to give them a hug