Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Last night I was inworld for a cleric meeting. It was to be a speakers meeting with our new Divine Emissary Scyber Magne, to go over various Guild things and plan ahead.
Malakyte, Scyber, Alphonsus and myself attended.

I must say it was great to see Alph again after so long, even if it was to see him cut down his involvement in the guild and step down as Emissary.

Anyway it became apparent soon that the meeting was going to take a different tack, when we discovered that the new dark realm ruler Sarin had started his own cleric group, with 9 members worshiping 5 dark Gods who don't even appear in our Pantheon. Then we also discovered that the founder of the group was the realm queen Leanne.

I have spoken briefly to Sarin in the past about another issue, and he seemed OK, just having fun roleplaying and doing his evil thing.
However he has a very different view of the realm than I do I suspect. His world is driven mainly by him, he plays the moment, not the game as a whole, 'If it feels right, go with it'. I guess he's a shootem up player, rather than a strategist.
I tend to over think things, look at the intricacies of the world, feel the threads that bind us and try and strengthen them. I have always played strategy and puzzle games.
I would love to know how the realm leaders play Triskele.

It has always been billed as a freer place than Everwind was, in fact Leanne recently told me in plain words that all Guilds were instructed to NOT copy Everwind in any way.
And yet Guilds were formed, and encouraged to develop and make rules and guidelines and get people involved in 'group belonging', not just individual roleplay.
I was asked to help out, despite wanting to be just a plain acolyte again, and I agreed (foolishly or not)
So for the last 4 months or so, Alph, Mal and I have been working hard to make the guild, form orders, recruit clerics, write spell lists, create Pantheons, provide a place for worship, decide ranks, make tasks etc, etc,... which we have been hard at work doing.

So the question is this. Have we got it wrong?
Is what they want in Triskele a truly free roleplay? one driven by the individual, free to do as they please. Anarchic, independent, dynamic, ever changing and unbound.
Or is it one where the individual is guided by the group? Ordered, loyal, steady, joined by friendship and boundaries, honourable.

One is very different from the other, both can be great in their own ways, both with brilliance and flaws.

If the first is what is wanted, then we have wasted the last 4 months setting boundaries that were not required.
If so, then the Clerics can be freed, to roam where they will *chuckles* do as they please, worship whomever they choose, and I can head off into the ether and find my nature Goddess somewhere else.


Princess Ivory said...

Maybe it is indeed time for you to head off into the ether and find your true path, and follow your true Goddess. I feel that the shadow on the horizon of Triskele will only bring you frustration.

Indeed, it already has, if the work you did together for the past four months can be so easily disregarded and overlooked. I'm afraid the future will just bear more of the same. There needs to be some structure - but that is my opinion. Perhaps it is not one shared by the powers that be.

I wish I could tell you where to go. I had hopes that Triskele would be a good fit for the Divine Emissary and his wandering band of clerics. But alas, I fear it is not to be so.

Follow your heart, and let it lead you where you next need to go.

Princess Ivory

Alphonsus said...

To paraphrase what you said, we have to ask our selves how much we get in our OWN way, both with our brilliance and our flaws.

If the rules we make for ourselves don't lead to our own happiness, then they are the wrong rules, no matter how brilliantly conceived.

May you find the path to freedom, my dearest Wren.


malakyte said...

Good points as always.

I have so much to say about the current state of affairs regarding the Clerics in Triskele but i will refrain as i do not have clear perspective on it at the moment.

I do know a much more peaceful, less demanding realm that would do well with some clerics if anyone is interested.

I will miss you both Alphonsus and Wren as it seems i will probably end up being the only non drow speaker there. However the dragons take care of their own and do not associate so much with the bipeds so i think we, myself and my one acolyte will survive.

malakyte said...

I just hope you are not leaving because you think that the realm has no rules. Those of us who were asked to create the rules of roleplay have been working very hard on setting some standards and clear guidelines for roleplay.

But then i guess whether they are actually used or not depends upon the leadership and owners.