Friday, 16 May 2008

Burning bridges

Well I finally stopped debating and took some action.

I have left the Clerics Guild for good.
I wrote a farewell note, which I handed to Scyber to send to the Guild as a whole, I packed up all of my things from the guild building and I left.
(I still have my island, and will keep it until I can find another quiet spot to make a natural haven in.)

I realised the only thing keeping me was the people.
I had lost all faith in the stability of realm, the likelihood of anything happening for UK timed people, my search for the natural in the 'realm of castles' and my ability to work with the 'free' roleplay model.
So my heart wasn't truly there anymore. Better to have a cleric who still has faith to lead.
So I say farewell to Parlamay, my created Goddess, and hope that she ends up in safe hands.
I say farewell to all the wonderful clerics who I have had the honour of being with over this year,
and as I approach my Rez day, I look at how I might find future inspiration in Second Life.

Anyone with any ideas?


Arthur Ripley said...

I wonder if Carmarthenshire might have a home for Wren? I have also been wandering the hills of Dark Moon, but it was quite quiet.

Whatever happens, do let us know where you settle, it you do.

It looks like Ben is being asked to look after some Parlamay things, but we need to see what will happen.

Princess Ivory said...

Welcome to what I think I will call "Rezz Day Burnout" because it is occurring frequently enough to people I know that I feel it has earned its name. I wish I had some magic words of wisdom for you. I cannot even summarize what I myself have learned, because it is too painful and raw. People come and go. That we know from RL. But what is hard to get used to is how quickly PLACES come and go. Land is bought and sold, leadership changes, and suddenly entire buildings and communities are gone. It doesn't happen like that in RL, so it is not something that is easy to get used to in SL.

We seek to create, and because of our intelligence and abilities, soon find ourselves administrating and leading instead of creating. At first it is fun and exciting, but then around the one year mark, you look around and realize that you are so busy administrating that you are no longer creating or writing. Or that you have neglected friendships. And you realize you are bitterly unhappy, but can't define why, or what to do about it.

Maybe this applies to you, maybe it doesn't. But it is a few words to give you something to consider.

And you are always welcome wherever Alphonsus and I are; do not forget that.

Happy Trails,
Princess Ivory