Wednesday, 28 May 2008

One year on

So my Rezz day has come and gone, and I seem to be back to the start again (only with slightly better hair)

Wandering the vast expanse last night, aimlessly looking for a place of meaning I pondered what SL is, has been and could be.

I first came to SL because of a newspaper article I read about the place which intrigued me. I didn't really know what to expect, I guess I was interested in the technology, the gimmick , the new experience.
What surprised me is that under all this, SL is fundamentally about people, the human race, the human mind.
It is never satisfied with itself.
It is full of emotions, negative (greed, lust, pride, jealousy, anger,) and positive (love, caring, creativity, friendship and joy).
It carries the weight of all the outside influence, the things we are bombarded with in our daily lives, advertising, expectations, the media, our cultural stereotypes. Yet it also frees us from much of this, we can become who we wish, we can loose some of our chains and take to the skies.

It is unlike anything I have ever been a part of and yet so much of it is familiar.
Hidden in the layers and layers of the pulp of human existence are jewels that sparkle. If you are lucky you might come across them before you sink in the quagmire.

So I don my waders, and set off hunting again.
Throw me a rope if I start to sink.

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Happy Rez day to you
Happy Rez day to you
Happy Rez day dear Wre-----en
Happy Rez day to you!