Thursday, 22 May 2008

Walking for breast cancer charities

My good friend and work colleague will be walking a marathon through the streets of Edinburgh in her decorated bra in the next few weeks. She is part of a local group who are doing the Moonwalk to raise money for breast cancer research.
I admire her hugely not only because she is doing this as part of the many charity things she is involved in, not just because she has found time to do this despite work and family life (she has 4 kids at home and one away from home), not just because I have a family member who has suffered from breast cancer... but because on top of all of this she has suffered from chronic back pain for a large part of her life and this 26 miles will be all the more of a challenge because of it.

She sent an email to friends that reads..

"Some of you may already know that I am taking part in the 'WALK THE WALK' MOONWALK CHALLENGE, which is a full 26 mile marathon.
This will take place on June 14th to raise funds for Breast Cancer charities. I will be walking within a team of five ladies from my village -'THE KIRKBEAN FLYERS'!.
We have one particular friend who is fighting this disease at the moment, In fact we all know someone who has been affected by Breast Cancer.
As we walk we are celebrating the lives of of the brave ladies who are winning the battle and of those whom we have lost, so I am humbly asking for your support by sponsoring our team.
You can do this by following this link to our fundraising page.
If you don't want to donate this way then cheques or cash gifts will be gratefully received. THANKYOU.
I must go and tend my blisters now!"

If you want to help donate to them it would be well received ,if you want to donate but not online let me know and we can work something out.(removed my email as I am already getting junk mail, the spammers are so quick to pick up on it!!grr)


Anonymous said...

How did the walk go? I had some friends doing it... I assume it was over the weekend?

Wren said... the walk is on the 14th June, as in the blog above...
I guess your friends where doing something different?

Hobbit Ripley said...

Ah, I see what it was. They were doing an Edinburgh marathon (26 miles) but for Macmillan cancer care. Now I know why I was confused :-)