Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Apologies to anyone reading this blog, for my melancholy post over the new year.
A combination of a long day and a couple too many Ciders, were a contributing factor I think. *chuckles*
Things are never as bad in the morning, and I do not seek to pass my worries on to anyone.

Your words and poems help to put things in perspective, both here and on your own pages, and I DO look forward to the year ahead, and all it might hold.

With this all in mind I have signed up as an acolyte in Triskele today, although things are completely in their infancy. It will be interesting to see how they unfurl.
As Alphonsus said, it doesn't matter where you are, its what you do that counts and being a cleric is something that has brought me great satisfaction in the past, and has made me think about some things in a new light. I hope that this will continue.

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Hobbit Ripley said...

If you're not allowed to be melancholy in your own blog, then something's very wrong with the world. Apology not accepted because it wasn't required ;-)