Friday, 11 January 2008

The nature of things

The other night in Triskele, I was having a hard time trying to be inspired by the 'nature' of the place. As mentioned in a previous post, I cant find the 'wildness' there, and being that my Goddess will be looking after the natural side of the realm, its causing me a few problems.

They are constantly adding things and changing things, and my deep desire is that they ,one day, make a wood. There has been some talk of adding more places for the elves, and I am hoping this will be more relaxed and natural, not another hulking great castle.*please*

So I decided to leave it for a bit and be creative in another way and have been working on a symbol for the order.

Its a Dawn, Noontide and Twilight symbol, using the triskel and some Celtic influences.

Let me know what you think.


malakyte said...

Oh that is very nice and a great idea! I have been considering a graphic for Thuban even though its not offically a religion yet. I have yet to really talk to Bri about it though from first impressions he seems enthusiastic.

I do agree it is hard to find the nature in Triskele. They need more little scenes.. though there is the eagles nest under the castle. I also love the castle cliffs. I also hope there will be a wood around the new elven area.

As for me i think the dragon temple is too high. You cant really see any of the land from there. I guess i was spoiled by Soo's weyr with the waterfall. I loved that and you could stand and look out over the land. Everwind was a place of great natural beauty. Hmmm.. do you know if there is a fae region there? Perhaps they have something.

Yes for being based on the celtic and druid traditions they should have a forest!

Anonymous said...

I like it! And maybe I can help a tiny bit with the other part - come and visit my forest, I am sure that you can find some of what you seek there. :)

Arthur Ripley said...

Hi Wren. I know what you mean about the nature. There are some lovely spots - for example, near the Grumbling Gargoyle, and of course, by the eagles. I quite like near the Cleric guild also.

However, I've found that generally, Triskele is very open to ideas. I think you should get hold of Katlin or the Heathen Queen, who is often wandering around. If you tell them that a lot of people have been looking for some areas of more wilderness, this might be listened to. They might not know that people want this, so I say "let 'em know!"

Alphonsus said...

Wren, I think your design is fantastic. And thank you for your birthday wishes, incidentally. I think Arhtur has very some very good thoughts. Let's see if we can plant some seeds in Trskele and make a forest grow.