Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Well, I've gone and done it!
I really should learn not to let ideas and enthusiasm lead me into more work, but I cant help it.
When I start to think about something that interests me, my brain goes into overdrive and the ideas (good and bad), start tumbling around and eventually want to spill out somewhere.
And being a person who likes to organise things, I invariably end up volunteering to do so.

So, after chatting to Bri last night,I have said I will be speaker for the Goddess of Nature, Parlamay.
She has no backstory and is not based on any actual deity, so I will have to think long and hard about how I approach her. Bri has said I could give the triple goddess idea a go, but I would like to speak to some potential acolytes about how they feel, I don't want to complicate her even further.
If I do go with the triple aspect idea, the clerics will be: Dawn , Noontide, and Twilight brothers or sisters. That keeps it gender neutral, and doesn't carry the Wiccan aspects of the Maiden , Mother, Crone model.

So, trying not to ignore my RL work, but still thinking hard about this, I better get on.
See you all soon!


Alphonsus said...

Congratulations, Wren. I can't think of someone more suitable to the job. I'd suggest stealing freely from Illustree. No need to reinvent the wheel too much.

I'm beginning to think that we really should have a Triskele forum, just as we did for Everwind. It would be great to have a place to hash out ideas at the beginning. I'd happily set one up, but I daren't do it without the King or Queen's permission.

malakyte said...

Congratulations Wren! Yes Illustree is a good example. You had some great ideas there. Then again wasn't Diana a nature goddess also?

Hmm.. isnt there a Triskele forum set up already?

I'm still undecided about whether to committ myself or not.

Benjamin Undercroft said...

Hi Wren. Well done! (Although you really do volunteer for lots of work!)

I love the idea of dawn, noontide and twilight brothers or sisters.

Yes, there is a forum for Triskele, although I find it hard to work it out - http://www.phpbb88.com/triskele/

Safe paths, one and all!

malakyte said...

Parlamay keeps echoing in my head. I also like your idea about the 3 aspects.

Hehehe ... i might just become the cleric of the dragon religion of Thubanism if allowed though it has no god.

I have registed for the Triskele forum. All you need do is register and validate the email. Its not as used as the Everwind but i certainly intend to use it. Two posts so far.