Friday, 26 September 2008

Gory Stories

This past week people have been asking me what I did to my finger and I have taken great delight in telling them.
It has been almost worth the accident just for the fun of watching peoples faces change as I explain what happened. The concerned smiles turn to shudders and winces, and they wonder if they should have asked at all?

But they keep asking...

Humans like a gory story, especially one they can picture doing themselves. Perhaps it's the 'what if?' factor.
They think what if I had done that? how would I have reacted? If I had cut myself?, broken my arm?, crashed the car?, fell off that? would I have fainted?, cried?, stayed calm?... and by thinking these things they get as close as they could to exploring the thing (without suffering the pain) and feel more prepared.
Or maybe its just simple curiosity and the joy of a brief shudder and wince and then a thankfulness that it wasn't them after all.

In any case, you can explore the feelings yourself and have a look at my poor finger, but only if you want too....*hehe

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