Saturday, 13 September 2008

Long live Carmarthen?

Sadly things in my RP home don't seem to be getting any better now that everyone has come back from holiday.
In fact they are breaking apart...

The realm changes every time I enter it... not small changes... huge ones, like a whole hill and church vanishing overnight, and I have no idea what the grand plan worry is that those managing the realm don't either.
I had a very bemused visit from the good knight Kendell the other day, he came back from a spell away and couldn't quite believe what had happened. We both tried desperately to RP our way around it, but sadly there is no RP plan in it.
I wish the realm would just shut.. sort itself out.. and then re-open.

I have tried hard this time not to get to involved too early, and I am very glad I did as tensions seem to be running high in the admins.
I find the whole thing very sad however, as the realm has so much promise, it just needs a stronger purpose.

I still hold a glimmer of hope... but time will tell


Anonymous said...

I can appreciate the idea of shutting, sorting and re-opening. Either that or perhaps communicate a bit more to the people in the group who are confused about everything and what's happening...

I don't know what to say to visitors any more when they come. So it means they don't feel as welcome and it might mean the realm loses some people who could have contributed much.

malakyte said...

Hmm this was Triskele's problem for a long time i think. And perhaps that phase is still not over.. I don't know. I do understand that the realm only has one owner now so i think that makes for a more consistent management.

I do also believe that we are getting much more organized with our role play. It does take time and perhaps a conversation with the right person is the way to go, or to decide to solve the things your own way, in a constructive way will help.

I find brainstorming with those in authority who will take the time to talk may help also.