Monday, 22 September 2008


Apologies to my second life friends if my typing is even slower than normal in the next week or so, but I have had a bit of an accident.
Making dinner tonight and slicing through our lovely home grown beetroot, I forgot the golden rule 'keep you fingers out the way when slicing beetroot'. Consequently I have just come back for the minor injuries clinic with a bandaged finger, having cut halfway through the top of it, nail an all. Doh!
They have bandaged the two middle fingers on my left hand together and I am back to one handed typing.


Benjamin Undercroft said...

Ouch indeed! Bring it along to the infirmary and we'll see what the healers can do.

Hope it gets better soon.

malakyte said...


Oh no! *Hugs gently*

Hehehe would heal it for you if i could.

Anonymous said...

Sending you my love and sympathy but can't write too much because I am addicted to that Colour Junction puzzle. Have managed it only once. I am like a Fiend possessed - not a good look for a trainee priest. Old Crone xxxx

Anonymous said...

hello Old Crone. I too am slightly addicted to the puzzle and have only managed it once. Shall we set up a support group?