Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Being creative

Inspired by Malakyte and all the work she has been doing in Triskele, I have come up with an idea (some help from Hobbit)for a 'welcome to the realm' type of quest in Carmarthenshire.

The idea is to give new people something to do when they arrive, even if the realm is quiet, and to help them to find their way around.
It involves a kind of treasure hunt (I know, I know, its not that interactive, but it is easy for beginners to do) at the end of which the player will have gained the 'keys to the realm' and explored most parts of it also.
I have passed the demo's and ideas to Oracle and will wait and see what she thinks.

I wont go into quest details, but what i wanted to share with you all was a couple of things which have helped me with it.
First the video's of the fantastic Torley Linden, especially the one on how to make tiny prims (so I could make the keys)
and second a fab site which makes basic scripts for you...genius!
A huge thank you to Torley and Hilary Mason and people like them, for giving so much free time and idea's to us all.

I will let you know what the realm think of my quest.

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Anonymous said...

If Hobbit sitting pestering you while you try and work counts as helping, I'll take some credit.

Treasure hunts are great I think, because they allow people to explore the realm and they're likely to meet others en route. Maybe people will even help each other, so it might be interactive after all.

[Hobbit remembers the days of EW where you saw clerics wandering around looking for a leaf at the top of the waterfall]