Monday, 31 December 2007

The coming year..

I am feeling pretty low tonight, and the prospect of another year doesn't really thrill me to be honest.
I guess it is a combination of RL and SL things, all happening together that brings me to this point.
I don't want to elaborate, but thats just the way it is


Alphonsus said...

/me sends a big virtual hug, and hopes that whatever's wrong in RL gets better.

Remember, you are a cleric. That doesn't change no matter what sim you are in, or what sim you aren't in, Wren can bring comfort where ever you go.

Benjamin Undercroft said...

It seems you have some good Castanian support behind you Wren...

May the joy, peace and comfort that Wren was able to channel into the lives of others be channelled into you and your home.

Your friend, Ben.

Wren said...

Thank you both, for your kind words.
They truly help.