Saturday, 29 December 2007

Endings and beginnings

Well Everwind has come to an end, the doors are closing and we will be no more. Alphonsus describes what has happened, better than I ever could, in his blog 'The Fall of Everwind". If you want details I suggest you look there.
Me, I paid a final farewell yesterday, picked up my things from the Apothecary, weeded the herb garden one last time, and left, never to return.
There is sadness at this and a feeling of being a little lost in SL again. It has helped however that I now have my own small patch, separate from the realm, a stable place to call home.
I have a fire to sit at with friends, a small garden and a treehouse, who's fate is determined by me and me alone. (unless a ruthless 'land bot' comes along and sweeps it aside, like what has sadly happened to my neighbour, a tragic story for another post I think)

I have begun, with friends, to explore some other RP places, such as Triskele, Aglarond and Azuria. We started by getting lost in the caves of Aglarond, fruitlessly looking for the pub in Triskele, and then a vague lonely wander in Azuria. I have no idea where I might settle, or what I am looking for, but its early days.
Also I killed of my Everwind Alt, as she is no longer needed, she was fun but made for EW and without it, she doesn't have a place. So no-one should have to taste her interesting soups ever again.

Wren also seems to have changed, back to the slightly more ranger like person she was when she arrived in EW, free from any responsibility. It will be interesting to see how she adapts to new places and which direction she takes.
I'll keep you updated.

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Arthur Ripley said...

Wren, you've always been a real blessing to EW, even though you probably didn't think so yourself. The quiet way you moved around and offered help and support to any that wanted it was very special. Wherever you go, in whatever capacity, you will be a real asset to their community. :-)