Sunday, 30 December 2007


Well it seems that many people from Everwind are migrating to Triskele, and I can see why. It is 5 sims big, well set up for roleplay, it seems relaxed and friendly....and yet....for me, its missing something.
I was trying to put my finger on it last night, as I wandered around, and the best way to describe it is to say its a bit like a housing estate for castles.
Now I don't want to seem overly critical, because there are some beautiful builds there, but it just doesn't feel 'natural' enough for me.
Everyone.. rangers,fighters, mages etc.. seem to inhabit huge castles in different sims. In-between these there are residential houses, and cottages, interspersed with trees and green spaces. But the green spaces feel like village greens or city parks, rather than the countryside. I was hoping that at least one sim, would be just forest or mountains or similar. Perhaps its because of the way it is set up, with rental places, that they need to put the houses in everywhere and open spaces would be a waste of money. I don't know.
I hope that people don't stay locked in their guild castles, interacting with their own 'clans'. I haven't really found any central meeting places yet, but then I haven't explored the whole place, perhaps they are just around the corner.
I will definitely be roleplaying there sometimes, but still am looking for that special place.
All suggestions welcome!

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Alphonsus said...

I have to agree, Wren. It doesn't have the hills, or the forests of Everwind. There is no real meeting area, and the two taverns are both hard to find.

I doubt, though, that people will stay locked in their guild castles for the same reason it didn't happen in Everwind. It's boring. Interaction is what RP is all about. And we had a great time with the tournaments today. Still, there is no official announcement from Alandri as to what she wants to do about the clerics. If you find that "special place," let us all know.