Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The beauty of change

Well, i'm back.
Broadband has returned and so has Everwind. I am actually quite glad I missed the whole crisis.
It seems that there was some bad feeling in the realm towards the King for leaving, and too much gossip by half. Anyway things have worked out between them now and he has come back.

Me, I went away for a while, missed it all, and came back to a world reborn.
The Realm has squashed into two sims, rather than three, but somehow it has worked.
Whoever actually manipulates the land and places the buildings etc in the realm (I am presuming its Queen Grace) has a real eye for beauty. I know its not real, its simply a computer generated world, but standing on the hill, looking at the autumn colours in the trees, listening to the sounds and catching the sparkle of the waterfall, is amazing.
Then I look up at it's started to snow! I cant tell you how excited I was (we have no snow in RL yet), it was like being a kid again. How odd that even virtual places can give you that sense of wonder in nature.


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