Thursday, 13 December 2007

Time to wrap up, its cold outside

Well the snow is blanketing the ground in the realm now, and I felt it was time to find some warmer clothes for Wren.
So off we went to the SL Exchange to find something.

Now Wren is a bit fussy about what she wears. She's fairly poor, has very modest taste in clothes and wont wear fur, so we were in for a challenge.

I typed 'winter' in the women's clothing search and had a look at what came up.

Unfortunately it seems that even in the depths of winter, the residents of SL still have a yearning to wear as little as possible

The young christmassy lady pictured here, was the general theme.

Now Wren feels she might get a little frosty wearing an outfit like this, not to mention the comments she might get from her acolytes.
Although it might give them a chance to try their skills at curing hypothermia and frostbite!

Needless to say she didn't go for it. In the end we found a nice burgundy dress and a warm wool coat and cloak.

Perhaps I can convince her to try something more skimpy for the Christmas Party!


Alphonsus said...

Skimpy is so common in SL that it hardly attracts any interest anymore. Just go with what you're comfortable with. I personally haven't decided whether I will wear just my Christmas Speedos to the party or not. It could make things more interesting.

Wren said...

*tries to picture the honourable , and respected speaker in his Christmas Speedos*
I think the realm would be shocked if the speakers for the Gods were to turn up in their 'kecks', but your right it might prove interesting *grins*